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New Year, New Look

Dec 29, 2014
We hope that everyone had a great Christmas!

Start the coming year off right by investing in your home with an outstanding new yard! Homes with good yards have higher property value, in addition to the daily pleasure of looking over your property and being proud of it. We offer the full gamut of lawn care services, including basic lawn mowing and sodding, as well as more advanced services like irrigation installation, stump removal, tree planting, gardening and more.

First Impressions

May 27, 2014
We hope you all had a delightful Memorial Day yesterday, and thank you to all our servicemen and servicewomen for your contributions to our nation!

For your house, your lawn is your first impression. It affects how appraisers estimate your property value and how potential buyers perceive your home. Neighborhoods with nice yards tend to have higher property values than similar homes with bad yards and fences. Whether you’re looking to sell soon or live there for decades to come, a great yard will make your house a home.

Don’t let your home’s beauty (and property value) suffer! Summer is a great time to get a yard in shape. At Mean Green Lawn & Landscaping, we create beautiful yards. And fountains. And lighting. And fences (through our sister company, Fort Worth Fence Company). You name it — we do it.

If you’re looking for some home beautification this summer, ring us up. We’ll get you started with whatever you need!

3 Quick Tips for DFW Lawn Care this Summer

Make sure the grass is right for the climate. Lawn Care in Dallas and Ft. Worth is a science that takes into account many different factors; one of those being the climate and tendencies of the region. Plant grass that matches up with the amount of water your areas receives. We, along with the County Extension Service can provide the info for which seed work best for lawns in DFW. Once the seed is selected, it’s good to then over-seed the lawn in the fall. This helps create a thicker, lusher patch of grass, and keeps weeds away.

Length matters. Resist the urge to cut your lawn too short. Keep those lawnmower blades sharp, but a slightly longer blade of grass is best for crowding out weeds. We recommend grass to be in-between 2.5 to 3.5 inches in length. You’ll have a better looking, thinker lawn, and less weed growth because of it.

Water early. It gets hot in Texas and lawn care in the metroplex really requires a solid watering plan. One quick way to tell if it’s time to get started watering: walk across your lawn and look back. If you can still see the impressions made by your footprints, bring out the sprinkler. The best time is early in the morning and just for short bits of time. Another good reason for slightly longer grass is the longer roots and ability to retain water better.